Hi! Thanks for being here. I am a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach (Dr. Shefali) and guidance provider. I use conscious coaching and polyvagal theory to help people navigate pregnancy/postpartum, parenting, and life’s challenges. I specialize in supporting high-functioning parents cope with stress and/or disconnection, maintain emotional regulation, and improve relationship satisfaction and communication in their families. I also hold a Master of Education from Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN and a Bachelor of Arts from University of California at Berkeley. I am trained Polyvagal Theory through The Polyvagal Institute and in the Neurobiology of Trauma through the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine. My practices are inclusive — regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, belief system, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity.


Stuck. Years ago, I was pregnant with my first child and busy. Among other compulsions, I used perfectionism and a sense of accomplishment to escape my pain and to credit my worth. On the brink of co-founding a social justice through education non-profit and preparing for a new baby, I was also scared, overwhelmed, and tired. My family’s legacy was wrought with generational trauma that manifested in abuse, addiction, and suicide. I was experiencing increased and prolonged periods of stress, disconnection in my relationships, and general feelings of stuck-ness. I desperately wanted things to be different for myself and my family, but didn’t know where to start.

Healing. My journey into Conscious Coaching began when my aunt sent me a copy of Dr. Shefali’s book, The Conscious Parent. I was eager for tools that would help me transcend my inherited patterns of generational dysfunction. Through my reading, I understood that the greatest gift I could give my child(ren) would be my own evolution. I began an intentional journey of learning, working, and healing. A big part of this work included getting to know my own autonomic experience — becoming familiar with my own patterns of dysfunction, while incorporating more regulating resources that worked for me. In time, my world started to shift. From overwhelm, reactivity, and disconnection, I moved more and more into connection, authenticity, and joy. This shift allowed me to build more healthy boundaries and connections with those around me. I learned to create experiences that fueled me instead of depleted me. At the same time, I was deep in the throes of pregnancy, postpartum, a second pregnancy, and the challenges of parenting and social entrepreneurship.

Transformation. I became inspired by both the transformational impact a more conscious approach to life created for me, as well as by the passion and dedication of the incredible women’s health practitioners that helped me navigate my personal wellness. I pursued teaching and training that prepared me to contribute to a movement of conscious care. After completing two years of personal consciousness courses, followed by Dr. Shefali’s intensive Conscious Parent Coaching Institute, as well as ongoing Somatic Experiencing and mindfulness practices, I became a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach in the Conscious Parenting Coaching Method™. I have also been trained in the neurobiology of trauma and polyvagal theory and maintain a commitment to my development through continuing education.

Today. My personal experiences with conscious parenting and polyvagal theory have made a profound difference in the way I parent, partner, and engage with relationships and life. I now imperfectly engage with my family knowing that we have the capacity to create connection and support resilience through life’s joys and pains. I use my experiences, personal wisdom, and background of years in adult training and education to work in partnership with my diverse community through individual coaching and leading workshops. I am particularly passionate about supporting parents in phases of pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting to become familiar with their nervous system experiences, break free of conditioning, alleviate suffering, and live in connection to their authentic selves.